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Re: AUD files

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 05:52:58 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>__/ [jetcallum@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Tuesday 20 September 2005 23:24 \__
>> Something weird has been/is happening on my PC. Over 250 files have
>> been corrupted, all at 22.07 this evening. The files have all had
>> their extension changed to aud. I have looked inside a couple and an
>> example is given below. I can't imagine what has happened, I have done
>> an internet search and can't find any indication of what could have
>> caused the problem. Obviously the files are useless now as their
>> contents have changed.
>> The example given was a zip file containing an Andrew Boss DVD player
>> firmware update file and it is possible that all the changed files
>> were zips/rars but I can't be sure. The example is approx a quarter of
>> the contents of the file. All files are between 8 and 10 Kb in size.
>> I have Kaspersky AV running and it hasn't picked anything up.
>> Grateful for any help to prevent it happening again.
>The key question would have to be: have you made any backups? If not, since
>the actual content of files was altered, there is probably no way back. Had
>the file allocation tables been affected solely, I would have suggested
>Have you installed some program/s recently? Have any prompts come up on the
>screen to which you replied "yes"? Are all the files more or less
>identical? Can you seen any recurring pattern? What files were affected and
>did they all reside on the same directory? If so, which directory?
>I suggest you back up your hard-drive immediately! This doesn't sound like a
>case of bad sectors and either way, these things spread as data gets
>shifted from sector to sector.
As a follow-up

In case you or anyone else is interested I have just realised that the
AUD files have the same names of the directories on the hard disk
which still contain their original contents, it would appear that I
have not lost anything but rather gained over 250 AUD files which I
will now delete.

I still haven't a clue what happened.

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