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Re: Dell plans to sell OS-free PCs

__/ [ac] on Friday 23 September 2005 07:12 \__

> About time too I must say
> '......as Dell plans to sell OS-free PCs as well. With Linux becoming
> more popular, the company recognises there is a sizeable niche market
> that wants to choose which operating system to use.
> Adam Griffin, Dimension product marketing manager, made it clear that
> Dell has no plans to sell PCs running Linux, but believed the move would
> attract customers who want to install it themselves, and so save money
> by not paying for Windows XP.
> He expected OS-free machines to be available late this year in the US,
> but was unsure if they would be in the UK by Christmas. If Dell does
> launch the PCs, they are likely to be higher-end machines aimed at
> experts, because loading an operating system - and all the drivers - is
> the domain of technically confident users.......'

It is worth relating the above to the Mandrake machines that Dell apparently
sell in Europe, maybe France? This was announced in the Mamdrake/riva site
some days ago.

As I am running Linux on two Dell machines and all has been rather reliable,
I look forward to OS-free machines. Why does every positive announcement
have to be followed by mocking? Dell paid Redhat 100 million dollars out of
his own pocket. He must have had a motive.


PS - Alanc, the Dabs machines that I bought had a hard-drive crash after
just 4 days... *frown*... and I am yet again a victim of the notorious Dabs
customer support.

Roy S. Schestowitz      | Data lacking semantics is currency in an island
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