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Re: Cannot find Stolen SCO Code in Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> When I messed up a few days ago, the machine's display was down low (crotch
> height), possibly cracked and was facing the sun. I had to try hard quite
> to find out what I was acknowledging. One wonders if all of this was
> intentional. I clearly recall two people ahead of me in line. It took each
> of them over a minute to work with the ATM. I should have considered that a
> good catalyst for suspicion.

In Leuven there is an ATM machine of wich the screen is blank about 40%
of the time. This actually is a good thing, because it is in the center
and between the busstation and my local pub in.

Now why is it good if it is blacked out? Because a lot of people would
otherwise stand in line and try to get money. Now they do not see
anything, press cancel and tell the two others that the machine is

Then I enter my card with no queue and press the buttons to get my
money. Next other people see me taking money and try it again. >:-)
Love the look on their face when they try to figure out how I did that.

It actally is easy. Enter the card, wat 7 seconds, press the left top
button next to the screen, wait 7 seconds, press the second button, wait
7 seconds, press the third, wait 7 seconds, enter your code, take your
card and then the money. Oh and look as if you are reading the screen
all the time :-)
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