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Re: Just a few questions

__/ [ becco ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 13:45 \__

> - Is it possible, in Windows, to give focus to a partially hidden window
> without bringing it to front? In KDE I can do it by clicking on it with
> the middle button.This way it's possible, for example, to drag a series
> of images from a maximized window to a smaller window without having to
> click on the taskbar to bring the small one up front, and still being
> able to scroll the maximized window (in the background) with the
> mousewheel.

Well, Windows has a decent drag-and-drop interface. You could drag items from
the maximised windows onto the tasks panel (or "taskbar"), hover over the
minimised/hidden task for 1-2 seconds, seeing the windows being restored and
put on top of the windows stack, where the items can then be dropped.

As regards focus, you could use PowerToys in Windows XP, but all of this
should be treated as an addon rather than something that is O/S-inherenet.
Moreover, I doubt you can get functionality like windows motion and size
change by presssing down ALT (primary/secondary bottons respectively) and
then moving the cursor. Then come to consider more cutting-edge mouse
interactions like pushing through screen edges to move between virtual

Windows is sometimes called a "Toy O/S" for reason. It's like a box of
crayons to an artist or one of these plastic computer that are labelled "my
first computer" and suits the ages of 5-7. Those who grow up begin using
less rudimentary desktop environments.

> - It's not possible (in win2000) to adjust the volume by placing the
> cursor on the speaker icon in the tray and using the mouse wheel, as is
> default behavior in both KDE and Gnome. In win2000 you have to click on
> the icon, wait a couple of seconds for the slider to appear, adjust,
> hear that aggarvating (and very loud) beep, click elsewhere to make the
> slider disappear - and thus giving focus to something else. Too clunky
> for such a simple operation.

The following was posted in the KDE newsgroup recently:

,----[ Quote ]
| __/ [ Evo ] on Sunday 19 March 2006 19:55 \__
| > Found this by accident. If you're using KDE and you have more than one
| > application open and they show up on the kicker panel, just place your
| > mouse pointer over any application and use your mouse wheel to scroll
| > through each of the apps quickly. Can also use this function to raise and
| > lower volume if you have that speaker icon open in kicker.
| > 
| > not sure this works in Windblows since I haven't used it for over 5 years
| > 
| > RV

The message-ID is <rGiTf.1591$Vx4.230@trnddc06>, just in case you want to
read about similar tricks, which carried this thread onwards.

> - In KDE i can drag an image from anywhere to the desktop, and select
> "set as wallpaper". Why isn't it so simple in windows?

It's actually possible if you use Internet Explorer (maybe the file manager
too). I believe this was only introduced in Windows XP though. I am not too
sure. A regular in this group, John Bailo, recently claimed the very
opposite, saying he could not achieve this in Firefox. He is clueless when
it comes to Linux. Then, come to consider the wallpaper granularity of
settings in KDE. Even without any addons from kde-apps.org and the likes of
it. I believe that Windows does not yet allow the user to fetch wallpaper
images 'on the fly', off the Net. Third-parties do not count.

Register for $5

To get rid of this pop-up, visit wallpaper-nag.com

You will be able to access settings in 59 seconds

You will be able to access settings in 58 seconds

You will be able to access settings in 57 seconds

I guess you get the general idea... *smile*

> - if i downlad a large file (say a movie) in linux, I can at any time
> open the file (while downloading) and check that it's the file I'm
> expecting, if the quality is good enough, etc. In windows I just get the
> message "the file is in use" and I can't open it. Why is windows so
> braindead?
> Cheers
> Marcello

Braindead O/S for users who choose not to use their brain and shop for a
better O/S. Speaking of O/Sen braindead behaviour:


I believe both OS X and Windows are braindead in this case. See my comments
and screenshots of Linux in this page. Linux appears to be the only O/S with

Best wishes,


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