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Re: Another XGL Video: Holy Moses!

__/ [ M ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 15:46 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Handover Phist ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 01:38 \__
>>> Roy Schestowitz blithely blithered
>>>> http://www.youtube.com/v/-CgqWlX_GsI (Streaming Flash)
>>>> This videos makes OS X and Vista look like they have some catching up to
>>>> do.
>>> Oh man that is sweeeeeeet!
>> Try the AVI. It is far clearer, albeit almost 60 MB in size. Oddly enough,
>> a friend of mine who has been using Linux for many years didn't even know
>> about XGL, until now. People must be told /and/ shown this! It's the only
>> way to embarrass OS X and Windows and make people realise that Linux is
>> well ahead, *even* in terms of /presentation/, which to many is perceived
>> as the weak spot of GNU/Linux. Many still believe it's command-line-based.
> All very clever stuff, very impressive, but I'm not entirely what the point
> is.
> There seems to be a basic error in KDE which are their forms. They put them
> in a window that the user is able to re-size, but don't re-size the
> controls to fit. I went to System Settings -> Sound & Multimedia -> System
> Notifications -> Pressed the 'More' in the Actions bit, page fell of the
> bottom, no way to re-size it, close then reopen the window and the bottom
> bit is missing.
> I'd rather they got these basic errors sorted out first, before spending
> time on eye candy that seems to be of limited value.
> Regards,
> M

This happens in Mozilla applications as well. It is a side effect of being
overly  lenient  and permissive when it comes to layout, skins,  customis-
ability,  sizes,  etc. Third-parties and openness likewise. What it  boils
down  to it a lot of testing or an iron fist that does not permit too much
intervention from the outside.

I  agree nontheless. This needs to be rectified and I can see the improve-
ment in both Mozilla and KDE (I use multiple versions in different sites).
GNOME, in that sense is 'cleaner'. It is never half-baked and it is diffi-
cult  to  make it look hideous. You rarely get white fonts on  pale  back-
ground, for instance.

Font  and size problems are rather common when you do things over SSH, but
the nature of the import (e.g. pointer type changes when hovering over im-
ported  windows)  only comes to show how challenging it can all  be.  With
many distributions around, it is only made /more/ difficult. If I SSH from
Ubuntu to SuSE, for example, what happens with fonts? In 95% of the cases,
all  is fine. What happens when I run a Fedora kicker or a gnome-panel  in
SuSE?  All goes well and I even get my native application bound to the ex-
ternal  taskbars. Quite amazing given the complexity of the problem!  It's

Linux is powerful. It offer power, which leads to its weaknesses. One such
weakness  was described by youself. KDE is merely a module. It is separate
from  X,  from  fonts, from the Linux kernel even. Everything  is  modular
rather than come as one chunk of clunky Play-Doh which only interacts well
with Play-Doh of the same colour (Windows).

Best wishes,


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