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Re: Linux as IES

__/ [ Peter Köhlmann ] on Monday 03 April 2006 08:05 \__

> Mathew P. wrote:
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>> On 2006-04-02, Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>> __/ [ Riddic ] on Sunday 02 April 2006 16:39 \__
>>>> In January I had a rather lengthy flight with QATAR Airways.
>>>> QATAR, being a 5-star airline (my only real gripe are the abysmal
>>>> facilities at Doha Airport, their main hub), has a fleet of mostly
>>>> Airbus jets most of which are in the process of getting an overhaul
>>>> of their interiour ... seats, inflightflight entertainment system (IES),
>>>> etc.
>>>> I was lucky and was sitting in a plane (A330, I believe) which had
>>>> just undergone said upgrade. Upon leaving Doha for Singapore, the IES
>>>> was powered up and I could see the oh-so familiar Linux startup-screen
>>>> with the little Tux picture in the upper left corner (I don't think
>>>> showing the startup-screen was intentional though).
>>>> Long story short, it was the best IES I've seen so far (and I've seen a
>>>> few). Apart from having 8 or so movies, some info programs and a load of
>>>> games to chose from, if you switched programs, the movies weren't
>>>> already running, but would start up individually. You can rewind,
>>>> forward, pause (very nice for restroom breaks), basically anything you
>>>> could do with a standard DVD-player.
>>>> I hope this spreads to other airlines too.
>>> http://www.flickr.com/photos/milliped/116393699/
>> Interesting. The website claims that the pictured monitors show
>> a "crash" of the linux OS. Someone will probably correct me
>> but I don't believe that I have ever heard of Linux crashing.
>> Applications and daemons hanging or not responding, certainly,
>> but I have never had the system itself crash, once the boot
>> process has been completed. I have had one kernel panic, but
>> that was during the boot process. I keep my computer turned on 24/7, and
>> have for 2 years +, with the exception of an occasional powerdown
>> for equipment installation and such. As I said, I have never
>> had this happen to me.
>> Another interesting thing about the picture is that if you look
>> closely at the original size, the details don't appear to
>> be indicating any system malfunctions that I could see.
> No, they don't. It is a boot screen
> It is not a crash, but some appliance not responding
> "... dropped request" repeated some times
> So it waited some time and then continued booting

Precisely. Look at the comments in the page and see what others have already
said: it's a boot screen, not a crash.

I have seen some Windows XP automated reboots at airports. They usually occur
at night when very few people hang around to spot it (rather than see
departure/arrival tables). While we are on the subject, Linux would not
require a nightly reboot, unlike Windows XP, which involves weekly patches
and probably leaks memory. My computer at home has been up since last year.
No quirks, no problems.

Best wishes,


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