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Re: [News] Vista Hardware Perils

__/ [ Sinister Midget ] on Monday 03 April 2006 10:33 \__

> On 2006-04-03, Handover Phist <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted
> something concerning:
>> Roy Culley :
>>> begin  risky.vbs
>>> <1f9nbyadqzv08.dlg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>> Erik Funkenbusch <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> On Sun, 02 Apr 2006 18:27:17 -0400, rapskat wrote:
>>>>> This isn't the way it goes.  The change is subtle, gradual.  Windows
>>>>> wasn't an overnight success.  M$ didn't become the most powerful
>>>>> software
>>>>> company in the world over the course of a year.  Rome wasn't conquered
>>>>> in a day.
>>>> If by subtle and gradual, you mean not even on the radar.
>>>> I have access to a lot of web site data for sites that have a wide
>>>> spectrum of interest, and at best Linux could be counted in the 3%
>>>> "unknown".  The actual stats that Identify themselves as Linux are
>>>> less than 1%.
>>> So back this unsubstantiated with verifiable data or shut up.
>> There's an interesting thought. From a gaming website that I run (my
>> stats arent counted or there would be MUCH more Linux traffic) over
>> the course of a single day (yes, it very new and has little traffic):
>>   Windows XP 229     78.97%
>>   Windows 2000  34   11.72%
>>   MacOS X    11      3.79%
>>   Linux i686 6       2.07%
>>   Windows 98 6       2.07%
>>   Windows 2003       2       0.69%
>>   Windows ME 2       0.69%
>> So there we have it, a market segment (gamers) that prefer Windows over
>> Linux to a huge degree. I would love to see Slashdot browser stats.

FWIW, here are last month's stats from my main site. The stats exclude robots
and crawlers, which sum up to similar figures:

        Windows 573642  71.3 %
        Unknown 98424   12.2 %
        Linux   85656   10.6 %
        Macintosh       42126   5.2 %
        Unknown Unix system     1864    0.2 %
        FreeBSD 1009    0.1 %
        Sun Solaris     519     0 %
        NetBSD  202     0 %
        OS/2    163     0 %
        OpenBSD 55      0 %
        Others  122     0 %

The numbers correspond to hits. bear in mind that unknowns are most likely
Linuxes. Windows /does/ know how to identify itself uniformly.

>> I dont think looking at those stats shows a fair representation since
>> it's a Windows-centric site. So how would we go about gather a fair
>> representation? Suggestions? I did have a poll on the site asking if
>> people wanted to see what was offered for games on linux recently and
>> there was a %100 yes reply from the users, but they generally know I've
>> been using Linux for ages and am a reliable source for this sort of
>> information, so is that a fair representation? I dont think browser
>> stats are a good approach and I cant think of a good one off the top of
>> my head.
> Take a poll and ask them what /they/ use. Allow multiple selections.

A poll would be no good. The selection of the sites is imporatnt too. Just as
Microsoft selected 400 businesses which they claim preferred moving from
UNIX to Windows rather than Linux, they could intervene with Web-based
statistics. I wouldn't trust a word that comes from studies as long as money
can be exchanged under the table and a certain company has plenty of FUD
money to spare, as well as a motive.

> Still not perfectly accurate, but better than counting user agent
> strings. It would certainly be _more_ accurate if they're allowed to
> show they use more than one thing.

Frankly, my user-agent string does not include "Linux". I spoof it. Many
others do the same, knowingly or unknowingly.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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