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Re: NHS IT system borks ...

  • Subject: Re: NHS IT system borks ...
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 06:01:57 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / ISBE, Manchester University / ITS
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__/ [ Jim ] on Wednesday 02 August 2006 01:59 \__

> [H]omer wrote:
>> Jim wrote:
>>> Doug Mentohl wrote:
>>>> "CSC Alliance, the supplier responsible for the outage of patient
>>>> administration systems across 80 NHS bodies, has promised it will
>>>> have 50 of them up and running again by midday, over two days after
>>>> they went down ..."
>>>> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/08/01/nhs_data_recovery/
>>>> ------
>>>> Who are the CSC Alliance?
>>>> CSC, iSOFT, Hedra, SCC ..Torex www.torex.com [web page don't work]
>>>> http://www.cscalliance.com/who/
>>>> Microsoft in the NHS ...
>>>> Microsoft is one of the key technology firms in the £6.2 billion
>>>> NHS IT programme. It is working particularly closely with iSOFT ...
>>>> http://www.e-health-insider.com/comment_and_analysis/index.cfm?ID=69
>>> I'm glad I'm not sick.
>> NHS staff have been complaining for years that their IT infrastructure
>> in not only unusable, but virtually unserviceable too. The whole thing
>> is one God Almighty mess ... much like every other aspect of the NHS.
>> Frankly this is one area where I feel FOSS would not have helped
>> much. Reverse the upside-down pyramid staff ratio (too many Chiefs,
>> not enough Indians) first, ditch all the self-appointed and useless
>> Quangos, and return to running the NHS as the public utility it ought
>> to be, rather than some kind of expansionist human-processing
>> industry, before worrying about all that paperwork garbage (electronic
>> or otherwise).
>> Maybe if they concentrated more on keeping hospitals clean, rather
>> than meeting bullshit management productivity targets, then more
>> people would actually *recover* in hospital (which is, after all, the
>> whole point), instead of *contracting* so-called "Superbugs"
>> (i.e. food poisoning), and ironically becoming *more ill* *after
>> admission*.
> Nice rant. Been one I've been hearing for years off of lots of people.
> Unfortunately, like everything else that ran more or less just fine under
> direct government control, the NHS gone to shit in private hands. Something
> I don't think anything short of a liquidation and ground-up rebuild'll fix.

These issues (and beyond) are being addressed by those who push for the
encouragement and acceptance of Open Source in medicare. A quick search
brings up:


,----[ Quote ]
| This site exists to promote software using the General Public License in 
| the medical software arena

For the past few months I have also been syndicating the following.


         ( GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News )

There are many conference that discuss this further (at least so it seems).

It's clear that a virus magnet (over 200,000+ viruses found so far) cannot be
put to use where viruses are combatted. No re-assurance is gained from this
recent piece of news

Microsoft Acquires Medical Records System

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Acquires Medical Records System From DC Hospital, Plans to Sell 
| It Worldwide


Also see:

,----[ Quote ]
| Zombies attack Seattle hospital
| Published Friday 5th May 2006 13:58 GMT
| A California hacker has pleaded guilty to disrupting computer systems
| - including the network of a hospital - through a malware-fueled
| attack designed to install adware on infected PCs.


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