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Re: [News] Ballmer on Vista's "Development Crash"

__/ [ Stephen Fairchild ] on Wednesday 02 August 2006 09:44 \__

> John Bailo wrote:
>> Jerry McBride wrote:
>>> Wow! Vista may just turn out to be REAL vapor ware afterall! Ha! I'm
>>> betting that it'll get diluted release as SP3, just like everybody's been
>>> saying all along...


>> I wonder if they'll even bother to decouple the gdi from the kernel ala
>> X or just go with the same old insecure model.
>> That means that even a year after the release of Suse 10.0 they still
>> won't have anywhere near as good an architecture...


> Just slap some aero-glass lipstick on the old pig and call it done.  WTF is
> up with microsoft?  Did they leave the replacement so long that in the
> intervening years they forgot how to write an operating system, or is it
> that they are afraid that the new windows will be less stable than XP and
> full of yet more holes?

Actually, Symantec argue that Microsoft replaced some code with fresh
untested code, which will increase the prevalance of holes. They might just
require some time to be found (and exploited). See the recent item about the
effect of monoculture and the implication on buffer overflows. Linux was
shown to be undefeatable in that respect.

> I get the impression that Microsoft want to start over with a new OS that
> will break compatibility with all that went before, but this would leave
> the door open for Linux.


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