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Re: Spam e-mail (=Windows Holes) is costing companies (even if they only use Linux)

__/ [ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Wednesday 02 August 2006 11:14 \__

> My inbox was filled this morning with messages from a legitimate mail
> server that serves a group of my colleagues, saying that someone was
> spamming them in my name.  One such message for each spam message sent.
>  How did the spammers get my email address?  One possibility is someone
> I correspond with whose Windows machine has been compromised and whose
> address book has been sold to spammers.

Yes,  that's  just what happens in reality. Be sure to  tell
people  that  keeping  their E-mail address  undisclosed  is
insufficient,  as  awkward as their mail alias may be.  It's
enough   to  have  one  friend/correspondent  whose  Windows
machine  gets compromised. The addresses can be pulled  from
E-mail  archives (folders) or the address book. Whether  the
botmaster  pulls the addressbook and sells it (i.e. adds  it
to  a CD and distributes), I don't know. But the spammer can
script  a routine that will send SPAM to everyone who is  in
the  address  book of the compromised O/S (being the  easier
implementational  choice).  This opens the door  to  doubts,
e.g.  shall  I  give person X my E-mail  address?  Can  this
person  manage to escape hijacking? Mind you, a recent study
suggested the following:

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly all of the Internet-connected computers that send e-mail
| are controlled by spammers, according to companies that track
| e-mail reputations.


More than 95% of e-mail is 'junk'

,----[ Quote ]
| More than 95% of e-mail is junk, be it spam, error messages or
| viruses, report mail monitoring firms.
| [...]
| Further work has shown that most of this junk mail is originating
| on hijacked home computers.
| E-mail security firm Return Path said 99% of the computers it monitors
| that send mail have been taken over by spammers or virus writers.


I might just close my E-mail accounts soon. It too much to bear. I already
closed my blogs so that they permit no comments and pingbacks. Forums are no
longer open for signups. Apparently it's possible to get along without


Best wishes,


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