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[News] Yahoo and Google Defend 'Open Source Citizenship'

Zawodny On Open Source Citizenship

,----[ Quote ]
| Claiming that we can't be better open source citizens because of
| our inability to write good software is, pardon my French, just crap. Being 
| good open source citizens means contributing where it makes sense,
| allowing our employees to be a part of the open source world, and
| helping to evangelize the benefits of open source software.
| I think that if you've spent any time looking at Yahoo or Google's
| involvement, you'd notice that we've been increasingly doing more and
| more to help the open source world. 


Context also in:

        Yahoo! sees limits to open source goodness


,----[ Background ]
| He accused Yahoo! and Google of being bad open source citizens because
| they refrain from opening the source code of all their internally
| developed applications. This is in part the result of a lack of
| modularity in their software, which makes it easier for multipled
| evelopers to work on a single application.
| "It is disappointing that they are such heavy users of open source,
| and have architected themselves into a corner that makes giving
| back impossible or problematic," Asay concluded.

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