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Re: [News] Yahoo and Google Defend 'Open Source Citizenship'

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Zawodny On Open Source Citizenship
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Claiming that we can't be better open source citizens because of
> | our inability to write good software is, pardon my French, just crap.
> | Being good open source citizens means contributing where it makes sense,
> | allowing our employees to be a part of the open source world, and
> | helping to evangelize the benefits of open source software.
> | 
> | I think that if you've spent any time looking at Yahoo or Google's
> | involvement, you'd notice that we've been increasingly doing more and
> | more to help the open source world.
> `----
> Context also in:
>         Yahoo! sees limits to open source goodness
> ,----[ Background ]
> | He accused Yahoo! and Google of being bad open source citizens because
> | they refrain from opening the source code of all their internally
> | developed applications. This is in part the result of a lack of
> | modularity in their software, which makes it easier for multipled
> | evelopers to work on a single application.
> | 
> | "It is disappointing that they are such heavy users of open source,
> | and have architected themselves into a corner that makes giving
> | back impossible or problematic," Asay concluded.
> `----

Google have always been good Linux companions. Google Linux
http://www.google.com/linux has been there since the big bang, or earlier
if you prefer exagerated exagerations!!!  Where would we all be without our
google news group searches too, search on the forums? Pah, never known a
forum with a decent search.

Not sure about Yahoo, their java software (games etc) did work well on Linux
for a long time, but then quite suddenly we would get the 'Your browser
isn't supported...'. But because the browser was supported the day before
that message turned up, the shut out had to be deliberate. As is the case
with many of the anti-linux or anti-none-MS-Browser web sites.

Google, Yahoo, and anyone else don't have to open their source in order to
support Linux. Particularly now when we know that MS has google in it's
sights. Mind, that puny search engine MS came out with seems to have died a

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