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Re: Are search engines going to die?

__/ [ tonnie ] on Friday 04 August 2006 16:36 \__

> Roy Schestowitz schreef:
> [snip survival of Google or Web2.0]
>>> Due to the enormous amount of information that is out there, we need a
>>> website - programm that is capable of categorising, indexing and
>>> delivering the information needed upon demand. So a search engine in
>>> what ever form is necesarry, web2.0 isn't.
>> I am still in favour of something more semantic that does not just index
>> words. Actually, if I may rave for second, my proposal (residing at the
>> bottom of my .sig) has got Google's attention. They contacted me out of
>> the blue and I will speak to them on the phone in less than an hour.
>> *smile*
> Hi Roy,
> Which one? Sticking to one girl or a non-profit search engine?

Oops. I need to flush that sig from the rotation. It's inane.

> Hm, i would say the first one. :-P
> O, crossing my fingers for you, and no thats no joke.

Thanks, man! The recruiter seems nice, so I'll see how it works out. I still
prefer to stay in research because it's more independent and open-ended. But
it's good to have options to choose from, especially now that I'm getting
fed up with what the management does to the University as they merge two
institutions and construct/demolish building all over the place. And I have
just gotten off the phone. The wages department screwed up payments from
March (incompetently, they just lost all records), so I need to chase people
and resurrect it somehow. Or else I don't get those payments...

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz   
http://Schestowitz.com  |  GNU is Not UNIX  |     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
roy      pts/4                         Fri Aug  4 10:08 - 10:23  (00:15)    
      http://iuron.com - proposing a non-profit search engine

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