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Re: Microsoft Attempts to Intercept EU Fines

  • Subject: Re: Microsoft Attempts to Intercept EU Fines
  • From: "Rex Ballard" <rex.ballard@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 4 Aug 2006 14:23:39 -0700
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alt wrote:
> sloblocks <sloblocks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in
> news:mn.fbba7d6751e7223d.58309@xxxxxxxxx:
> > Rex Ballard used his keyboard to write :
> >> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> >> At least in the EU, Microsoft is NOT above the law.
> >
> > Do you really think Microsoft will ever actually PAY these fines?

I think they already have paid something like $700 million in fines.
The question at this point is no longer IF Microsoft will pay fines,
but rather how much in fines they are willing to pay before they
finally comply with the judgement.

> The EU would have some recourse.
> The first thing they could do is to seize all MS bank accounts and assets
> located within the EU.

Or just seize assets such as Microsoft licensed machines until
Microsoft pays the fines.
(wouldn't that be an interesting incentive to get the OEMs to drop
Windows/Vista like a hot potato.

> The second thing they could do (which is probably unlikely) is to lock them
> out of the European market.

They could also place a huge tarriff on Windows licensed machines.
Another hot poker to the OEMs.

The United States court system is very defendent friendly.  They have
tried very hard to make sure that a defendent, falsely or illegally
charged, has every opportunity to appeal and rectify the situation.
Better a thousand guilty men go free than one innocent man be

In some parts of europe, you are guilty until you are proven innocent.
In some countries the police appoint one person to investigate why you
should be charged, another investigates why you should not be charged.
When you are charged, the facts are pretty clearly against you.

Microsoft assumed that it could conduct itself the same way in Europe
as it does in the United States, admitting to numerous illegal acts,
then getting immunity for all previous acts in a Microsoft drafted
settlement. I don't think it even occurred to Microsoft's lawyers  that
EU commissioners would not want to settle.

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