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Re: ReactOS

__/ [ Donn Miller ] on Saturday 05 August 2006 09:05 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Donn Miller ] on Saturday 05 August 2006 08:47 \__
>>>Thoughts on this OS?  It definitely sounds interesting.  Although the
>>>premise of a Windows clone sounds at first frightening, if it does
>>>contribute some new ideas to the concept of OS in general and not simply
>>>imitate Windows, it could be a good thing.
>> To  me, it has always seemed like a semi-cooked clone of  an
>> already-flawed operating system. With commercial derivatives
>> of  WinE  you  can  achieve  the  same  under  Linux   (even
>> virtualisation  comes  to mind, but it costs). If  I  recall
>> correctly,  the  ReactOS  page was boasting  something  that
>> looked  similar to Windows 98/2000, including some Solitaire
>> screenshots.
> Yeah.  IMO, I'd probably be far better off using Wine or VMWare.  I'm
> still going to try the LiveCD.  My dv8000 notebook is very temperamental
> when it comes to booting anything other than Windows or Linux.

ReactOS has a Live CD???

The thought of Windows Live CD's (or the existing possibility of USB boot)
have crossed my mind. It's baffling. On the one hand, Microsoft's interests
are to have Windows preloaded everywhere, so no secondary use is a
possibility. On the other hand, still supporting the same side, come to
think of what the Live CD can contain. No Office; no proprietary
Windows-only software (not even on extrenal media because of the need for
dynamically-linked libraries). So, unless you want to take calc.exe or
paint.exe for a spin, I see no use in a bootable Windows XP CD. It would be
a mess for anyone who wished to /use/ it, rather than have it demonstarted
(and who hasn't seen Windows before?). Then, think of the bloat (volume- and
file count-wise) in Windows Vista.

Best wishes,


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