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Re: Are search engines going to die?

On Fri, 04 Aug 2006 20:40:43 -0700, catherine yronwode
<cat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Passed the first interview with Google. *smile* The better news might be the
>> interview that I had right after that. Netscape might pay me to become a
>> contributer/publisher. We shall see. It's premature to say anything and I
>> don't want my hopes to go high in vain.
>> Many thanks for showing interest! *smile*
>Best wishes, Roy -- you have been one of the most helpful posters here
>and i have learned a lot from you. I am glad to see that your valuable
>ideas are being recognized and may result in payment as well as the
>gratitude of little shop-keepers with web sites, such as myself. 
>cat yronwode
>http://luckymojo.com/catalogue occult magic supplies by mail order
>http://luckymojo.com/sacredsex.html non-porn sex site for all

I thought of you yesterday, Cat. Anyhoo, moving on, I was putting my
little headlamp on so I could see to install Doom 3. You know those
lights you see folk in movies wear on their foreheads when they're
pot-holing or thieving from hi-tech secret labs? I got one off Ebay
for a few quid and that extra light really is a help for close-up



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