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Re: VMWare to announce virtualization for OSX

>> In comp.os.linux.advocacy flatfish+++ <flatfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:

>>> FWIW only a complete geek would remove a professionally written
>>> operating system like OSX and install a hack like Ubuntu.

Only a complete geek would continue to post to a NG which covers a
subject that doesn't interest him. If you hate Linux so much, then why
are you here?

By Mac users own admission, OSX is about the most "hacked" version of
*nix there is; the unholy abortion of Aqua and a completely
non-standard Filesystem Hierarchy Standard and userland tools, duct
taped onto the bastard creation of Darwin. It just doesn't get any
more hacked than that. Christ even Windows has a better pedigree, and
that's saying something.

Not that I don't admire OSX; the end result is undoubtedly stunning
... visually at least, however pretty much any Linux desktop manager
can be themed to look just like Aqua, so I don't see that as an
advantage, per se. Apparently Microsoft are rather fond of Aqua too,
which is why they've spent years trying to make Vista look just like
it. Six years down the line, achieving visual parity with Aqua is
about all Microsoft *have* accomplished, if the beta testers blogs are
anything to go by.

At least Linux is mostly written from the ground up, something
Microsoft has been attempting (and failing) to do with Windows for
years. I guess their engineers never did fully understand that
plagiarised VMS code. LOL! no wonder they are so reluctant to comply
with the EU's antitrust authority; too many of their "dirty little
secrets" would be exposed.

Now off you go, and write your report for Ballmer, before the men in
white coats find you in the hospital cybercafe, and put you back into
your padded cell.

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