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Re: I apologise for bashing KDE in this newsgroup

  • Subject: Re: I apologise for bashing KDE in this newsgroup
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 01:50:38 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / ISBE, Manchester University / ITS
  • References: <1154911105.560481.120660@h48g2000cwc.googlegroups.com>
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__/ [ casioculture@xxxxxxxxx ] on Monday 07 August 2006 01:38 \__

> I posted a couple of weeks ago or so how I didn't like KDE after
> installing the Kubuntu-Desktop. Well, I still prefer Gnome for a
> desktop but now, after two or more weeks, I've come to appreciate KDE
> apps.

Both GNOME and KDE are great. You cannot comment/rant/rave without trying
both for an equal duration, IMHO.

> It started with Amarok. It was quite good. Then I downloaded Kile, I
> liked it too. Then Konqueror, good too as a file manager and
> alternative web browser. Then Kate. Kdissert seems interesting too,
> though I haven't used it yet and don't think I will, as mindmaps don't
> appeal to me (I prefer lists). Then Kaffeine, quite nice. Then
> Akregator. K3B looks nice too, though I haven't used it yet.

Try KNode. It beats the hell out of Google Groups (once you obtain access to
a news server).

> I still prefer to use KDE apps on Gnome though, rather than on KDE. I
> had to change the icons though away from that horrid, horrid
> mac-wannabe CrystalSVG one. I used nouveXT icons for KDE, same ones I
> use for Gnome. Then I used the plastik style/theme and the human colour
> scheme. Now KDE apps fit within the Gnome Ubuntu.
> There are still Gnome apps that I prefer over the KDE ones. For
> example, Gimp, F-spot, Evolution Calendar, Planner, abiword, gnumeric,
> gvim (not so gnome), perhaps winefish, I like gnomebaker too, I
> would've liked blufish had it been my thing to do.

Have a look at Xara Xtreme (GPL), Picasa (proprietary), Thunderbird with the
Calendar extension, KOrganizer, KWord/OOo2, KSpread, and Kate
(respectively). As for Kile, I suggest you also see LyX (lyx.org). I have
used it for over 5 years and it integrates well with KDE.

> I think I would still prefer a Gnome app over a KDE one if they were
> equivalent, but some KDE ones are quite nice, that's perhaps subjective
> though.

It's a matter of habits, but no-one can compare the wealth of features in
AmaroK, for example, with Rhythmbox. I haven't tried Banshee though, but
it's Mono-dependent (so not the best case study for GNOME desktop).

Best wishes,


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