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Re: Rethinking my view of Gnome

__/ [ Geico Caveman ] on Monday 07 August 2006 02:14 \__

> I am a little notorious for bashing Gnome for its plug ugly looks and its
> unintuitive menu layouts, but yesterday, I tried out suggestions at :
> http://www.taimila.com/ubuntuosx.php

A Mac OS X ripoff, but it comes to prove that GNOME is versatile. Actually, I
had metallic themes in GNOME (GTK) and Enlightenment as early as 2002, if
not earlier (e.g. http://schestowitz.com/Projects/kmdupdate-2.html ). KDE's
Baghira changes merely everything (widgets) to Aqua and Brushed Metal. One
could even argue or make the case that Baghira is prettier than Apple's
artwork. Reminds me of something I saw a few hours ago...


> It makes Gnome look almost beautiful. However, Kmail and Knode, two KDE
> apps I do not ever want to be without, get their fonts messed up in Gnome
> (too big). Setting the app font to size 6 gives something one would get
> with size 11 or 12 in firefox menus.

This also depends on the distribution that you use. Are you by any change
using Ubuntu and installing KDE on top? Some distributions come with good
GNOME-KDE integration. SUSE 9.3 still has some font size inconsistencies
though, but it's very subtle.

> I will now switch back to KDE after a day with Gnome OSX look alike. But, I
> withdraw the earlier comments - Gnome can be made to look good, with some
> effort. It ain't as pretty out of the box as it used to be 3 years ago, and
> the menu designers have mostly taken a leap off the cliff (especially that
> menu bar) and customizability is nowhere close to that of Gnome, but it is
> a step or two above olwm when configured properly :)
> I would still take KDE over Gnome any day.
> I note with interest that a Gnome diehard (casioculture) has made some
> conciliatory noises about KDE.

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