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Re: When Microsoft Windows Ruins the Realtionship With Your ISP

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [ Jim ] on Monday 07 August 2006 00:03 \__
>> Hadron Quark wrote:
>>> "peterwn" <peterwn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>>>>> Just had a discussion in another newsgroup. As it turns out a
>>>>> friend of mine is being repremanded by her ISP.
>>>>> __/ [ catherine yronwode ] on Sunday 06 August 2006  \__
>>>>>> I recently found out from one of my web hosts (sonic.net) that
>>>>>> my husband and i are notorious for generating the most spam
>>>>>> email they handle out of their thousands of
>>>>>> accounts. Apparently we get millions of spam emails per month.

>>>>> And I thought I was doing badly with tens of thousands. Needless
>>>>> the mention, Windows is responsible for sending all of that
>>>>> SPAM. It's on par with a DDOS attack, only using different
>>>>> protocols.
>>>>> And what about Vista? Even if people finally upgraded to Vista
>>>>> rather than upgrade to Linux, Vista is the same pile of swiss
>>>>> cheese [REF]. As I told Cat, the Internet as we know is headed
>>>>> for doom, owing to Microsoft Windows.

>>>> It is ironical that many ISP's, etc provide help desk support,
>>>> but only for Windows.

Not really. Windows lusers need all the help they can get.

>>> Do you not think that the unparallelled growth of the 'net was
>>> partly because of windows?

LOL!!! See Roy's comment below!!!

The unparalleled growth of the Net was due to the World Wide Web and
(what was for years) the most popular browser Netscape. All Microsoft
did, was embrace and extend something that they initially didn't even
believe in at all, and turned it into a global security problem.

> "The Internet? We are not interested in it"
>                                         -- Bill Gates, 1993

Yeah, he also predicted that Microsoft would eradicate spam within 24
months. That was 32 months ago. Hey Billy boy, why am I still getting


Mind you, it's only right that they should've made the gesture (if not
the actual effort), after all, it's because of their Swiss Cheese
software that the world has such a spam problem today.

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