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Re: AOL search data leaked

__/ [ John Bokma ] on Monday 07 August 2006 06:26 \__

> "AOL just released the logs of all searches done by 500,000 of their users
> over the course of three months earlier this year. That means that if you
> happened to be randomly chosen as one of these users, everything you
> searched for from March to May (2006) is now public information on the
> internet."
> From:
> http://digg.com/tech_news/AOL_Releases_Search_Logs_from_500_000_Users
> Possible download links:
> http://www.gregsadetsky.com/aol-data/
> http://www.mininova.org/tor/388815
> Note that the MD5SUM should be:
> "The md5 of the file AOL posted (and now removed) is
> 31cd27ce12c3a3f2df62a38050ce4c0a."

Yes, seen that just minutes ago... *smile* couldn't get through.

Yesterday Digg had a front-pager about Google's bad deeds, but it was flagged
as potentially inaccurate after a short time.

Look at the bright side, John. You can erase the cookies. And then hope that
Microsoft's WGA does not begin to distribute its IP address-timestamp
database. Big brothers are watching. be careful what you search for.
Scr00gle flush their logs every 48 hours.

Best wishes,


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