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Re: [News] When Microsoft Windows Ruins the Realtionship With Your ISP

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> did eloquently scribble:
> Just had a discussion in another newsgroup. As it turns out a friend of mine
> is being repremanded by her ISP.

> __/ [ catherine yronwode ] on Sunday 06 August 2006  \__

>> I recently found out from one of my web hosts (sonic.net) that my
>> husband and i are notorious for generating the most spam email they
>> handle out of their thousands of accounts. Apparently we get millions of
>> spam emails per month.

> And I thought I was doing badly with tens of thousands. Needless the mention,
> Windows is responsible for sending all of that SPAM. It's on par with a DDOS
> attack, only using different protocols.

One of my e-mail accounts has a message limit of 1000 or so. It takes less
than 12 hours to fill up, if I don't download more regularely from it.
It's just such a chore sorting spam from gold, it's hardly worth keeping the
account going. The ISP even labels some subject lines with SPAM, but their
filtering isn't nearly strict enough and 80% of it goes unlabeled.

> And what about Vista? Even if people finally upgraded to Vista rather than
> upgrade to Linux, Vista is the same pile of swiss cheese [REF]. As I told
> Cat, the Internet as we know is headed for doom, owing to Microsoft Windows.

E-mail has already been rendered next to useless. Thanks microsoft.
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