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Re: Putting to rest fonts and ugliness

__/ [ yttrx ] on Monday 07 August 2006 16:29 \__

> http://www.flickr.com/photos/75098295@N00/209103169/
> There, I just took that screenshot about 120 seconds ago.  It's
> a minimal gnome desktop on an updated Ubuntu 6.0.6 box.  Fonts
> have been fixed by five minutes of system tweaking, gnome theme
> downloaded through the included and pre-configured art-manager
> in Gnome, installed automatically.
> The mp3 player is the beep media player, which is the next-to
> latest in the stillborn line of xmms rips.  Its pretty nice
> though.
> The movie player, playing an avi of serenity is Totem with just
> about every codec and plug in that exists--again, downloaded
> and installed automagically with the Ubuntu software update tool.
> Of course, the irc client is XChat and the terminals are
> transparent gnome-terms with the high-ascii version of monospace-
> 8 running.  The system font you're looking at is veranda, ripped
> directly off the a utility CD in Microsoft's software
> subscription pack.  You could also rip it out of a windows
> partition, or off a windows install cd.
> There, gnome isn't half bad looking, the fonts are smooth and
> pretty, and half of y'all are fulla shit.
> And before you even start complaining about all the gtk errors
> over there in the terminal to the right, they're my fault--I'm
> building an application for personal use and made a typo, and
> was too lazy to stick a tin compile or something nice looking
> into that terminal.

Also see:


                ( Linux fonts rebuttal )

I think it was published yesterday.

Also see the recent items:



Much prettier than Windows font and on par with Mac fonts. It's a matter of
sub-pixel hinting.

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