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Re: Putting to rest fonts and ugliness

Roy Schestowitz formulated the question :
__/ [ yttrx ] on Monday 07 August 2006 16:29 \__


There, I just took that screenshot about 120 seconds ago. It's a minimal gnome desktop on an updated Ubuntu 6.0.6 box. Fonts have been fixed by five minutes of system tweaking, gnome theme downloaded through the included and pre-configured art-manager in Gnome, installed automatically.

The mp3 player is the beep media player, which is the next-to
latest in the stillborn line of xmms rips.  Its pretty nice

The movie player, playing an avi of serenity is Totem with just
about every codec and plug in that exists--again, downloaded
and installed automagically with the Ubuntu software update tool.

Of course, the irc client is XChat and the terminals are
transparent gnome-terms with the high-ascii version of monospace-
8 running.  The system font you're looking at is veranda, ripped
directly off the a utility CD in Microsoft's software
subscription pack.  You could also rip it out of a windows
partition, or off a windows install cd.

There, gnome isn't half bad looking, the fonts are smooth and
pretty, and half of y'all are fulla shit.

And before you even start complaining about all the gtk errors
over there in the terminal to the right, they're my fault--I'm
building an application for personal use and made a typo, and
was too lazy to stick a tin compile or something nice looking
into that terminal.

Also see:


                ( Linux fonts rebuttal )

I think it was published yesterday.

Note though that the screenshot of Windows appears to be Windows 98. XP now has Cleartype font rendering which is significantly better when used on an LCD display and is properly 'tuned'.

Also see the recent items:


http://jaganath.wordpress.com/files/2006/07/apple.png ??
Does OS X also render blue text with red and purple fringes, and black text with red fringes on BOTH the left and right side of descenders??


Close, but still not right.

Much prettier than Windows font and on par with Mac fonts. It's a matter of sub-pixel hinting.

Each to their own.

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