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Re: And some were saying that Mac is 3-4 years ahead of Linux

__/ [ Geico Caveman ] on Monday 07 August 2006 21:21 \__

> I have been a Linux user since early 90s. We have had what you call virtual
> desktops for 12 years already (can't think of any window manager / desktop
> environment that does not have them - even the lowly twm - the ugliest
> looking one, does too). And Mac finally gets them (though it is not very
> clear how they circumvented Xerox's claims vis a vis commercial OS'es).
> Mac is more like half a decade behind Linux on so many things that make
> Linux such a productive and happy OS to work with. Fluff cakes going crazy
> at WWDC, I reckon.
> When OS X came out, retards like Oxford etc. were rushing into
> comp.os.linux.advocacy telling us how Mac was bringing Unix to people
> (never mind how Mac frustratingly refuses to behave like a Unix-like system
> in many ways). Now, "virtual desktops" are being claimed as an innovation.
> What is next, Maccies ? A claim how Mac has invented the zero ?

Also see:


                Microsoft Seeks Patent On Virtual Desktop Pager

That was in 2004!

Did Apple actually /claim/ that it was their invention? Some hours ago I saw
this in:


While I know that there are several third-aprty applications that used to
achieve this in OS X, I don't know how good they are (compared to the KPager
combination, for example) and how expensive they are.

Windows Longhorn, by the way, promised to deliver that too... _back in the
days_ ... virtual desktop extension in Windows appear to be third-party
extensions that are utter sh*te. At lease the ones I have seen in action.
It's funny that Microsoft Windows has become the underdog. But not in terms
of marketshare, owing to ignorance and lockins.

Best wishes,


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