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Re: Roy Skankowitz = Paid Spammer

On Wed, 09 Aug 2006 18:13:20 -0400, Paris Marriot wrote:

> On Wed, 09 Aug 2006 04:37:51 -0700, Ricky Bobby wrote:
>> Roy Skankowitz is water-boi for linux and do not post all day, all
>> night, every day and every weekend for nothing. He is paid spammer who
>> work for marketing company. He is paid 30 cents (US) for each post he
>> make and he get paid 50 cents (US) for post if somebody reply to post.
>> This is why he make about 2000 posts every month. Using average rate of
>> 40 cents this is about  $800 each month he make by sitting in him room
>> and posting from computer.
>> All you here are suckers who think he is some kind of advocate. He is
>> paid astro turfer who lie and pretend that he support linux. Only thing
>> he trying to support is his wallet.
> Obviously Roy is being paid to post pro linux copy to


> comp.os.linux.advocacy because it is the only reasonable conclusion an
> unbiased person can make. His web site makes money via hits so the more
> his name and website are in google, the better for him financially.

If he makes money, good luck to him. But I doubt it's a fortune, or even a
pittance. If he could make hundreds of dollars doing it, he wouldn't be
hanging round here. And exactly what has it to do with you anyway? 

> Apparently he has also recruited some other people to pump up the replies

Apparently nothing. Doesn't happen, oh trolly one. He'd have more luck
herding cats than persuading this lot to do anything they didn't want to

> to his boring posts which would indicate that he is paying them as
> well. One person I was discussing this with today has a different theory.

And who, pray, might that person be? One of your socks? The Man In the
Moon? You really shouldn't talk to yourself, it'll get you funny looks.

> He says that Roy is really a Windows reverse troll that is pretending to
> like Linux, post a million messages to Linux groups, but who's ulterior
> motive is really to destroy the group.

Your theory is as bogus and biased and lying as you are, trollboy.

> One thing is certain for sure, comp.os.linux.advocacy has for all
> practical purposes become a SPAM group.

Tripe. You want more discussions, get discussing. Otherwise, shut your


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