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Re: google search

  • Subject: Re: google search
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 15:12:46 +0100
  • Newsgroups: alt.internet.search-engines
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / ISBE, Manchester University / ITS
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__/ [ canadafred ] on Thursday 10 August 2006 13:39 \__

> s.t.e.f.o.u@xxxxxx wrote:
>> hey, got a question for you: I want to search in google for "1%", in
>> words: one percent.
>> but whenever I put in the sign for percent google caculates this or
>> calculates in modulo.
>> can anyone please help me how to get results for "1%"?
> That's pretty messed up SERPs. Doesn't look to me like the search
> engine does very well with these type of formulated things either way
> you write the search criteria; or maybe it is doing exactly what it is
> suppose to be doing. Noone really knows.
> Figuring out why search engines are messed up; it is one of those
> things that I just write off as never to be fully determined.
> I long stopped wasting my mental resources trying to figure out why
> search engines mess up. Traditionally, their tendencies are to fix one
> malfunction perfectly well enough to incite a slew others existing but
> yet dormant glitches.
> crafting unique content is never a waste of time

Symbols are a tough nut because of the way they are treated. I suggest you
search UseNet archives in, e.g. Google Groups. It's a commonly-asked
question. In any case, here is the 'cheat sheet' for Google:


You might find an answer to your question there.

Hope it helps,


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