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Re: Roy Skankowitz = Paid Spammer

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> __/ [ AZ Nomad ] on Wednesday 09 August 2006 23:21 \__
>> On 9 Aug 2006 04:37:51 -0700, Ricky Bobby <linux-sux@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>Roy Skankowitz is water-boi for linux and do not post all day, all
>>>night, every day and every weekend for nothing. He is paid spammer who
>>>work for marketing company. He is paid 30 cents (US) for each post he
>>>make and he get paid 50 cents (US) for post if somebody reply to post.
>>>This is why he make about 2000 posts every month. Using average rate of
>>>40 cents this is about  $800 each month he make by sitting in him room
>>>and posting from computer.
>>>All you here are suckers who think he is some kind of advocate. He is
>>>paid astro turfer who lie and pretend that he support linux. Only thing
>>>he trying to support is his wallet.
>> Trying to win an entry into engrish.com?
> *LOL* There were some good jokes about that site in dvorak.org.
> By the way, I was contacted by Netscape last week. They want some content for
> their new Web site. If I were to provide them with content, I'd earn money
> for it. But I never did this before. Honest. There was some time around
> April or May when, after a long time in COLA, I began posting copies to
> Digg. I said that from the start and it was never a secret. I never ever got
> paid for any of this, but this exposed many people to Linux, which is the
> reason that I do all this...

You do too many : and basically flood the group with spam. There is
little if any interest in your posts as can be seen by who replies.

Why dont you post ONE a day with all the links in a SINGLE article?

Failing that, just post a link tothe two or three main sites where you
plagaurise their articles from.

We are all able to find news too you now.

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