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Re: Phishing Sites and Domain Grab - A New Trend?

__/ [ Big Bill ] on Thursday 10 August 2006 16:00 \__

> On Thu, 10 Aug 2006 14:52:53 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>__/ [ Andrew Heenan ] on Thursday 10 August 2006 10:07 \__
>>> "Roy Schestowitz" wrote ...
>>>> About a year ago I noticed that Google.com had bought g00gle.com... but
>>>> the
>>>> list is growing quite quickly. <snip>
>>>> I'm not sure if it's Google that buys them. But what a drainage of the
>>>> namescape. ...
>>> Not in this example.
>>> Who but google could conceivably have an honest use for them?
>>> Removing them from temptation and idiots shouldn't be necessary. But it
>>> is.
>>But this is leading to bloat in DNS servers. It slows things down and makes
>>it more prone to errors. In my humble opinion, they ought to have some
>>human better human moderation when people apply for domains.
> Then you become open to accusations of bias and correspondent court
> actions etc.

True, but at least the namespace is no longer depleted. Why, for example,
would anyone wish to register sd67776ds.eu? Or 9999googleearth.com?

>>This morning I read about .eu domain name 'raids' and 'grabs'. The
>>registrars are unwilling to do anything to stop this.
> It's not difficult to understand why. They get paid if they do
> nothing, but if they begin attempting to act as arbiters between
> potential registrants then they get sued.

Apparently it has some other detrimental effects that are easily overlooked:


                EU Domain Dream in Disarray

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