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Re: This Group Is A Complete Waste.

  • Subject: Re: This Group Is A Complete Waste.
  • From: Ruel Smith <NoWay@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 21:20:32 GMT
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Road Runner High Speed Online http://www.rr.com
  • References: <ebdvoe$1u0$1@emma.aioe.org>
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Charlie Cooper wrote:

> So this is supposed to be a Linux advocacy group?

> Fact: Senator Lieberman's Linux driven website was hacked.
> Fact:See the Linux pundits scramble and draw ranks around the wounded
> denying everything and finding blame or fault with everything but Linux
> itself.

I, like you, use Linux but acknowledge that it's not perfect. However, I
take exception to your statement. When a Linux driven site gets hacked, it
doesn't mean there is a problem with Linux. It _might_ just mean it wasn't
properly setup by a professional. Yes, there are those that claim Superman
could only wish he was as bulletproof, but let's get real. I'm sure many
could claim similar things about when Windows sites get hacked, but with so
many major security flaws found and mostly unfixed for an unacceptable
amount of time, it leaves one to wonder.

> Fact:Suse 10.1 is a real bug ridden release.
> Fact:See the Linux pundits deny there is a problem despite blogs and
> newsgroups being filled to the brim with people having problems with Suse
> 10.1.

Not only was it bug infested when I tried it, it was downright
ssssssslllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwww.... WTF is Novell doing? I
knew it was a good idea for me to leave Suse when Novell entered the
picture... I've discovered smaller distros (in market size) that are
typically much better than the corporate distros. I prefer PCLinuxOS, and I
haven't a single complaint about it.

> Fact: comp.os.linux.advocacy has become some kind of a twisted rss feed.
> Fact: The person doing this is spamming and what's even worse he is
> getting paid for it.

Then kill his posts. The fact is, with '[News]' preceding his posts, you can
just list them alphabetically and skip right past them. Or just killfile
them. Whatever you like...

> Fact:There is far more Microsoft bashing going on in this group than Linux
> advocacy.
> Fact:The group seems to have been taken over by left wang homosexuals. Ok,
> well not totally taken over, but there are a fairy number of homosexuals
> posting in this group. Sicko dudes..........
> I declare comp.os.linux.advocacy a total wasteland.

You've just declared yourself a troll.

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