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Re: This Group Is A Complete Waste.

  • Subject: Re: This Group Is A Complete Waste.
  • From: Jerry McBride <mcbrides9@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 17:51:57 -0400
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: TEAM-PENGUIN
  • References: <ebdvoe$1u0$1@emma.aioe.org>
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  • Xref: news.mcc.ac.uk comp.os.linux.advocacy:1138954
Charlie Cooper wrote:

> So this is supposed to be a Linux advocacy group?
> Someone must be pulling my leg on that one.
> I use Linux for it's advantages but at the same time I accept Linux's
> faults. I surely don't see too much honest in comp.os.linux.advocacy.
> For example;;;;;;;;
> Fact: Senator Lieberman's Linux driven website was hacked.
> Fact:See the Linux pundits scramble and draw ranks around the wounded
> denying everything and finding blame or fault with everything but Linux
> itself.

I won't... So a linux server finally got hacked and it happens to be a
server doing duties for an American Senator...

On the face of it, it's horrible, deplorable... down right outrageous... 

Let's look at the numbers though...how many windows servers have been
hacked? Too many to count, in fact it's so common that no one hardly pay
attention... Christ, even MCIROSOFT hides their windows junk behind linux
servers... Must be a reason for that one...

> Fact:Suse 10.1 is a real bug ridden release.
> Fact:See the Linux pundits deny there is a problem despite blogs and
> newsgroups being filled to the brim with people having problems with Suse
> 10.1.

Problems? What problems? Post some links so we can review what you post....

> Fact: comp.os.linux.advocacy has become some kind of a twisted rss feed.
> Fact: The person doing this is spamming and what's even worse he is
> getting paid for it.

And Microsoft never did that? yeah... right... Personally, I LOVE the RSS
feed coming into this newsgroup. You don't? Then don't read it....

> Fact:There is far more Microsoft bashing going on in this group than Linux
> advocacy.

Good... I like it like that. Besides, the RSS feed you mentioned does well
enough for advocating Linux. There's really no need for wasting time
bashing window. It's a lot like kicking a dead dog.

> Fact:The group seems to have been taken over by left wang homosexuals. Ok,
> well not totally taken over, but there are a fairy number of homosexuals
> posting in this group. Sicko dudes..........
> I declare comp.os.linux.advocacy a total wasteland.

Is that the BEST that you can do??

Go reboot your windows computer, run defrag, virus checker, registery
checker, worm checker, trojan checker and then reboot it again... Oh...
don't forget the patches and... have YOU run WGA yet????


Jerry McBride

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