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Re: [News] Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Alpha Available

__/ [ Mark Kent ] on Sunday 10 December 2006 12:26 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> __/ [ Roy Culley ] on Sunday 10 December 2006 05:31 \__
>>> begin  risky.vbs
>>> <3532956.8hv35G9Fdz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> __/ [ Mark Kent ] on Saturday 09 December 2006 21:50 \__
>>>>> begin  oe_protect.scr
>>>>> Ian Semmel <anyoneNOJUNK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>>>>> Looks like FF is following the IE path and linux will have an
>>>>>> integrated web browser control.
>>>>> It's very difficult to follow when you're in front.
>>>> Firefox is ahead?!?!? I thought it still lacked that ActiveX
>>>> controls functionality, which was revealed to hand over control to
>>>> an hijacker time and time again. We needn't look further than a
>>>> fortnight ago...
>>> Disabling ActiveX has been the major 'solution' so how many Windows
>>> exploits? ActiveX has been a sick joke ever since MS produced it.
>>> Luckily, it is so easy to strip on proxy servers. Otherwise the cost
>>> of Windows exploits would have been an order of magnitude greater than
>>> the billions per year they cost businesses each years.
>>>> Best wishes,
>>>> Roy
>>> If you must wish the best, how about putting it in a .sig? Simple to
>>> do and saves me the efoort of deleting it in followups.
>> 'Automated' greetings (ones that you don't write in manually/by hand) miss
>> the point of common courtest and politeness, I think. I have seen people
>> who do this and it feels too 'mechanical', so to speak.
>> You didn't like my *emotion* tags either. As I always say, emotions have
>> become heavily associated with children who chat. Same with SMS, MySpace,
>> etc.
> To be fair, it is generally considered standard etiquette to put the
> "unecessary" parts of a posting in to headers and .sigs, so that people
> responding have less work to do.  They still see the original .sig, but
> their newsreader saves them a bit of work.

Okay, let's try just that then. I'll modify my cron jobs. it makes perfect
sense, Roy, so thanks for the suggestion. It'll also saves me a few seconds
and save me from typos like "Rot" or "Vest wishes". :-)

> On the emoticon front, I think that they date back so far that the
> original users were not kids at all.  Of course, they've been grabbed by
> the instant-messenger vendors (aol, msn, yahoo, etc.) who've morphed
> them into pretty but nursery-like pictures, which might be part of your
> objection.  For most of us, we're probably still reading this in ascii,
> so to me, a smiley is just this : - ) but without the spaces, whereas
> perhaps in some GUI newsreaders, it's a sicky picture?

Yes, I think Thunderbird converts them to graphics unless viewed in text-only
mode. It reminds me of my ICQ days... you find these totally appropriate
when you're a 15-year-old calling out "A/S/L" and "Kewl!!". The memories

Best wishes,  <-- last time, I promise


Roy S. Schestowitz   
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