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[News] Microsoft's Evolution is Too Slow and GNUgle Steals Its Show (NYT)

Looking for a Gambit to Win at Google's Game

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a lot about the way Microsoft has run its Internet
| business that Steve Berkowitz wants to change. But he is finding
| that redirecting such a behemoth is slow going.
| [...]
| Google, meanwhile, is growing, prospering, and moving increasingly
| onto Microsoft?s turf.



Can Google trump Microsoft?

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's "frontal assault" to Microsoft Office is Google Apps
| Enterprise Edition and Google is indeed waging warfare against Microsoft.


November 25 - Microsoft Dies

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the day. The demise of Microsoft. The day of reckoning has
| come at last. Friday 23rd November 2006. Google had seen it's profits
| soar massively. Microsoft on the other hand have had an awful year.
| Low profits, internal scandals, a lowered reputation and a lowered
| customer satisfaction rate have left the company in tatters. 


>From the ZDNet item (again):

,----[ Quote ]
| Schmidt's favorite saying is "Don't bet against the Internet." What he
| is really saying, however, is don't bet against Google. 

Gates FUD's what threatens him...

        Gates: Internet Bubble Is Back


        Gates warns of return to Internet bubble era


        "The Internet? We are not interested in it" -- Bill Gates, 1993


Desperate Acts (of Microsoft)

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is expected to spend $650 million next year to let the world
| know it has a shiny new search service and Web advertising network.
| That money is more than double the amount Microsoft will spend rolling
| out Vista, the new operating system that will contribute vastly more to
| its revenues.
| Microsoft's two-year catch-up effort in search has yielded only
| middling results. This year it dropped from 11% to 9% of all searches.
| Google handled 61% of the 204 billion searches worldwide in the past1
| 2 months.
| "We're late to the game. We admit it," confesses a full-page Microsoft
| ad in national papers, begging the world to try out its new Live
| search service. You almost want to hand Chief Executive Steven Ballmer
| a cup of cocoa.
| [...]
| Think of this fight as determining a few decabillion dollars of market 
| value circa 2010. The current figures are $147 billion for Google and $284 
| billion for Microsoft.


Google, Ask Gain Search Share; Yahoo, Microsoft Lose Ground


Google vs. Microsoft Market Cap Game

,----[ Quote ]
| Interesting seeing how Google's market capitalization has chased
| Microsoft's since Google's IPO. We have seemingly plateaued at a
| little under 60% for a year now, but any takers on bets with
| respect to how long that holds?


ComScore: Google Leads Again In Search

,----[ Quote ]
| Yahoo reversed a slide that lowered them to 28.1 percent in September. 
| They gained slightly to 28.2 in October. Microsoft gave up 0.2 percent
| to decline to 11.7 percent, after falling 0.6 percent in September to
| 11.9. 


Once more (with feeling): What is Windows Live?

,----[ Quote ]
| Live consists of three distinct, yet interrelated, parts, Berkowitz
| said. There?s the Live platform (about which I?ll be blogging more
| later today); the individual Live services (Windows Live Messenger,
| Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live Expo, etc.); and the Live experiences,
| or user interfaces.


Sniffing out Microsoft's 'OS in the Cloud' skunk-works project

,----[ Quote ]
| What do you think, readers? Is such a vision feasible? Do you see
| anything that will stop Ozzie and his cloud cohorts from realizing
| this goal? And do you think Google ? in spite of its claims that it
| has no intentions of creating a GoogleOS ? could beat Microsoft at
| its own game?


Why I hate the new Windows Live Mail

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is currently in Beta on Windows Live Mail. Personally I think
| it is a steaming pile of garbage. The 'new and improved' email is
| nothing more than a fancier interface and more color options.
| [...]
| If you have not upgraded from standard I suggest you DO NOT. This is
| a typical product from Microsoft even though it is in beta. I think
| it should still be in alpha testing personally because at times I cannot
| even access my email which is most annoying when there might be
| time-sensitive documents in it. If you depend on your hotmail account
| for important emails I suggest looking into another option, like Gmail
| or even Yahoo. There are ZERO improvements in this deal and there is
| absolutely no reason to even think about moving to it until they force
| everyone to and even then I would consider just forwarding all the email
| to another account.
| Where is the 'undo' button so I can go back to the old Hotmail?


Sources: Several Windows Live Projects Halted

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's Windows Live desktop search project has been
| shelved "indefinitely," although not much reasoning has been
| given as to the reason for its demise.


Ozzie: Vista, Office must adapt to Web era

,----[ Quote ]
| Ozzie said that the transition to integrate online services into Microsoft 
| products has been a challenge but that changes within the company are 
| happening.


Will Web 2.0 ultimately kill Windows?

,----[ Quote ]
|  Allchin shared his thoughts on Windows Live (which, along with Windows and 
| developer tools also falls under his organization); competition with Google 
| and Apple; and why a client-based version of Windows won?t ever completely 
| disappear, regardless of how successful Web services become.


MSN Still Going Nowhere Fast

,----[ Quote ]
| It is worth noting that Microsoft still hasn't made any headway
| in the search-and-portal game and, in fact, is falling farther andf
| arther behind. As a result, it is not surprising that Steve Ballmer
| is now warning media companies that Google is the Evil Empire --
| because no other competitive tactic has worked.


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