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[News] Microsoft Recommends Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft adCenter Suggests Accessing Site Using Firefox!

,----[ Quote ]
| At a dead end here, I decided to contact the Microsoft adCenter
| Support center at their toll-free number, 800-518-5689. Within
| minutes I was connected to a woman named Helen from their call
| center in Seattle. I explained what the situation was to Helen,
| and immediately she wanted to help troubleshoot the problem.
| Helen asked me if I had other Web browsers installed on my
| computer, such as Firefox.
| Priceless! I asked Helen if I heard her correctly? I asked
| her if she wanted me to try to access the sign up page using
| Firefox. She again, prompted me to load the page in Firefox
| just to see if there were any compatibility issues using
| Internet Explorer. During this conversation, I couldn't help
| but express to Helen how bizarre it is that a Microsoft
| adCenter Support representative is asking me to load a
| Microsoft related page using Firefox. At this point, just
| to fulfill my curiosity, I decided to go along with this
| and access the page using Firefox 1.5. After waiting a few
| minutes for the browser to load, I accessed the sign up
| page and filled out the application and transmitted the
| form. Sure enough, IT WORKED! 


I can attest to the same experience. I have personally 'fixed' people's
problems with Web sites by downloading Firefox. Some of the Net is
apparently inaccessible to Internet Explorer, which is buggy, unpredictable,
and may conflict with a variety of other parts of the O/S with which it's
integrated. It is funnier when Microsoft /itself/ admits that IE is so
buggy. How about the cascading style sheets in Microsoft.com, which
contained IE hacks and IE rants (as comments)?

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