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[News] Benchmarks of the ASUS EAX1950PRO 256MB RV570 Under GNU/Linux


,----[ Quote ]
| While ATI had learned its lesson from the belated Radeon X1000 Linux
| support, the fglrx driver support for the X1950PRO was not added in
| October or even November of this year, but the drivers will finally
| be making their way out this month. We are fortunate enough to have
| these drivers in hand today, so this article will also serve as the
| world's first look at the Radeon X1950PRO under Linux. The X1950PR
| is designed to be a midrange high-performance graphics card that
| sells for under $200 USD.
| [...]
| The fglrx drivers officially supporting the Radeon X1950PRO under
| GNU/Linux will be out later this month.


It would not be surprising if the many tens of millions of Linux users and
dual-booter choose NVIDIA over ATi because of Linux support. This puts a lot
of pressure on the manufacturer, software and gamemakers to support Linux
properly. Adobe has certainly learned this.

Nvidia Gains Market Share From Rivals

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly 76 million PC graphics devices shipped in the third
| quarter, an increase of 5.2 percent from the previous quarter
| and an 11.3 percent increase compared to the same period last
| year, according to Jon Peddie Research.


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