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Re: Linux Books and Distro Choice (Was: help help help)

__/ [ peteware ] on Friday 08 December 2006 13:51 \__

> thanks roy what a great bunch of people you linux people are
> im useing mandriva advice on the best linux would be a help

There is no such thing as a "best Linux". There may be a best Linux _for you_

Here's food for thought:


Top of the table at the Linux Awards!

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu has walked away with Best Distribution at the
| Linux Awards held in London last night.


Ubuntu - the best Linux distribution?

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu has a lot going for it. A rich benefactor cum space tourist, a
| huge and rapidly growing user base, a sleek look and an easy install. So
| why is it the best in Linux operating systems? Simply put, it's not.
| That's right, Ubuntu is not the best Linux distro.
| [...]
| The point I'm moving toward here is that there is no best in Linux.
| There's options. Configurability, ease of install, control over your
| outward appearance, control of the inner workings of your machine. What
| will translate into a good user experience for those in the Linux
| community differs throughout our community. Some favor complexity
| and control, others favor minimal configuration and ease of use. Many
| of us use Linux not only to accomplish tasks on our computers but to
| learn more about the inner workings of our computers.


Have a look at reviews or follow some of the latest of DistroWatch, which is
an excellent site. Write down what you require and consider what your
hardware is capable of handling. Then, find the distro that's the perfect
match. I'm sure you'll find one. Download and try 2 or 3 if you have doubt.
That's what I hear people recommend. This gives you basis for practical

Maths applied to numbers is like logic applied to statistics. Statistics are

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