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Re: help help help

__/ [ BearItAll ] on Friday 08 December 2006 10:12 \__

> peteware wrote:
>> hi all im new to linux can anyone tell me the best place to get some
>> help installing programs in linux or best books to read
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> Your own Linux distro is the best place to start. Look in 'Help'. For
> example on Suse the first page you are presented with is where you can
> select the Administrators guide, where it tells you about adjusting your
> system and installing applications. Also can select User guide whicch tells
> you about using the commanline as well as many of the main applications.
> Which distro did you install?
I agree. A book about the distribution will equip you with skills that apply
to all/most distributions of Linux. They will also present familiar

Have a look here:


You can print them out and read them wherever and whenever you like. These
are PDF's.

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