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[News] 64-bit Flash 9 in Linux (with Just 2 Commands)

Windows does not even have 64-bit Flash support, AFAIK.

Flash 9 on 64bit Linux in 2 Commands

,----[ Quote ]
| I've heard it so many times... "Flash 9 doesn't work on 64bit Linux" So
| when I loaded 64bit Gentoo Linux my new Merom based Intel Core 2 Duo,
| I really was expecting an adventure. Turns out that it was actually
| pretty uneventful.



Why Flash 9 for Linux is taking so long

,----[ Quote ]
| The good news is that, going forward, Linux shouldn't be out of sync
| with other platforms again. Betlem says that Adobe is planning to
| "simultaneously deliver Windows, Mac, Linux in unison. It's not our
| intention to have a delta between ship dates" for Flash 10.


I have just found the missing reference...


"What about 64bit? There is no Windows 64bit or OS X 64bit version either
right now. As I said before it is not a question of 'recompiling' the source
code, there is lots of generic non platform specific work which needs to be
finished first. We will ship a 64bit version for Windows, OS X Leopard and
GNU/Linux. It will happen. When? ... When it is ready."

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