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[News] Novell Moves on to Relying on Partners, License Deals

Novell plans more licensing deals

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell on Tuesday said it plans to seek out more deals similar to
| its recent marketing and licensing pact with Microsoft as it
| embraces partnerships and moves away from selling its open-source
| software directly to small and medium-size companies.


Novell Screws Up Big 

,----[ Quote ]
| You just cannot do something this dumb without an MBA degree.... The
| actual agreement is less significant than its repercussions. Novell
| apparently expected this agreement to be a competitive
| differentiator for their SUSE Linux in competition with Red
| Hat and other Linux distributions. It's a differentiator all right,
| and it's done severe and immediate damage to Novell. The Linux and
| other FOSS (Free / Open Source Software) communities consider this
| agreement divisive, dangerous and a weasel worded attempt to do an
|           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       
| end run around the GPL (General Public License) under which Linux
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| is distributed. These communities have been very vocal in their
| disapproval.... Whether there is actually any substance to this
| agreement is still a matter of discussion and debate, but that's
| completely beside the point, the damage to Novell has already
| been done.


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