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Re: [News] France May Become a Linux Development Region (Incubator)

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Wednesday 06 December 2006 14:32 \__

> On Wednesday 06 December 2006 04:24 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> France pins hopes of growth on open-source software
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | The French government plans to make the region around Paris a center of
>> | excellence for open-source software development, the French Minister of
>> | the Economy, Finance and Industry, Thierry Breton, said Monday.
>> `----
>> http://open.itworld.com/4915/061205franceopen/page_1.html
> "....the center will also contribute to the development of the software
> industry across the European Union, Fermigier said"
> Great:-)
> "The French government has published the report as a PDF file"
> You can't beat the French for diplomacy, can you?:-)
I've seen numerous reports after that. The intent is to move to Open Source
across the entire country, albeit gradually.

Also see:

Free Ubuntu laptops for French students

,----[ Quote ]
| Five thousand French students now have laptops running
| Ubuntu, thanks to a local government initiative.


Also see the one that caught my mind a while ago:

DET considers Linux on the desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| The NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) may increase
| the penetration of Linux on its 165,000 desktop fleet because
| open source is "clearly an industry trend".
`----             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


I put a market where you can see the impact of the 'network effect'. The ball
is rolling. There's no going back.

Best wishes,


PS - Hey, Ballmer, here's a piece of advice for you: pick up your assets in
Microsoft, retire, and then join Bill Gates as he distributes his wealth to
influence politicians. See how he has recently reversed some directions in
the OLPC project... after the guy heading the idea very clearly said that
kids need an open system and must never be locked in to a vendor. The Green
Party's response:

"By installing its programs on these laptops Microsoft hopes to create market
domination and vendor lock in. That is unacceptable bribery.


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