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Re: [News] Microsoft to Buy $36 Billion-worth of Its Stock for Artificial Boost

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Microsoft counts on Vista to recharge stagnant stock
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | There was a time in the 1990s when shares of Microsoft stock seemed to
> | double every couple of years. 1996: college for the kids. 1998: a place
> | on Whidbey. 1999: early retirement.
> |
> | Times have changed.
> `----

Vista is bound to give them a boost, their problem is that it will be a
short lived one off boost. What are they going to do after that is the
problem for MS. 

You could guess that MS has about a year to be ready to come up with a major
new source of income, not piddly little things that will hardly rock the
marketeers boat, but something very big. Well no company waits until the
end of a period to put actions in place. 

I think MS have their heart set on the server market. It doesn't matter to
them if Novell fall from grace, it only means that MS are just that much
closer to having what is currently the best of the server OSs to
themselves. It also doesn't matter to them if Novell pick up again, MS have
their foot in the door and aint going to move it now.

Bit like the US and british in iraq, they not leaving how ever bad it is
because of the huge profits to be made once peace is restored, what ever
form of peace that may be. It doesn't matter how many soldiers die out
there, all that matters to the marketeers is that they are there when the
contracts to rebuild are coming out, nothing at all will get them out now.

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