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[News] Intel Wants to Introduce Low-cost Computer, Considers Linux

$150 laptops to get rival in Brazil

,----[ Quote ]
| It is not yet clear whether the laptops to be tested in the school
| will use Windows, Linux or a mix of the two, Mazaro said. Brazil's
| government favors Linux and other free open-source software in its
| programs to provide computers to the needy, because using Windows
| can drive up costs.


Their original plan was to work on this with Microsoft.


Snubbing Microsoft, Intel to Offer TransMedia's Glide Application
Suite on Ultra Mobile PCs 

,----[ Quote ]
| Glide should also prove less expensive for Intel's hardware partners
| than software licenses for Microsoft Office. And when a Linux-compatible
| version of Glide finally arrives next year, cost-conscious PC and mobile
| device makers will be able to save the cost of a Windows license as well.
| In theory, Glide could be used to popularize the Linux desktop for
| consumers--the Glide environment would serve to insulate users
| from complexities of command line computing.
| It remains to be seen, however, whether Intel's hardware partners are
| eager antagonize the world's largest software maker by marketing a 
| low-cost, Microsoft-free PC. 


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