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[News] Novell a Victim of Its Own Stupidity; Falls Short of Expectations

...And I doubt it will be gaining new Linux customers.

Novell earnings come up short

,----[ Quote ]
| "Overall these are disappointing results," said Jefferies & Co.
| analyst Katherine Egbert, citing the lower-than-expected
| quarterly sales figure and Novell's 2007 sales outlook.


This isn't surprising to those who understand the deal:


Deals with Microsoft have this effect. Just look at that little friend called

Novell move could kill SCO's Linux lawsuits

,----[ Quote ]
| SCO shares closed Monday at $1.11, down 11 cents and 9 percent
| from last Friday's trading. The company's stock has been in
| freefall since Kimball's ruling, dropping from $2.40 per share.
| SCO stock had traded above $4.50 before Wells' earlier decision
| in June.


victim kills victim. Microsoft has got the two companies fighting each other
to death. SCO with the Linux lawsuits and Novell wasting its money on

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