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Re: CIO Insight Poll

__/ [ Wayne McClaine ] on Tuesday 05 December 2006 19:02 \__

> No use waiting for Roy to do this,
> CIO Insight magazine ran a survey, RedHat - who sells only software and
> services, no hardware, ranks as the #3 CIO-valued vendor.  Even Novell
> is one ranking above Microsoft.
> http://www.cioinsight.com/article2/0,1540,2067515,00.asp
> -Gary
Hey, look, Trend Micro at #2! They are Open Source 'advocates', to a degree.

Some relevant links below.

Trend Micro launches anti-botnet service

,----[ Quote ]
| Trend Micro announced a new service to help
| large organizations and Internet service providers
| (ISPs) fight networks of zombie machines, known as
| "botnets."


Virus busters clash over open source security 

,----[ Quote ]
| While McAfee reckons open source's very openness makes it easy to
| fiddle with, rival Trend Micro reckons it's the openness that makes
| dodgy code easy to spot.
| In fact, Trend Micro reckons open source operating systems are more
|          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| secure than commercial rivals. "You could run Linux as an all-around
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| operating system or Open BSD for critical servers. By using multiple
| Linux distributions, risks are mitigated", says to Raimund Genes,
| CTO of Trend Micro. 


If Only We Knew Then What We Know Now About Windows XP

,----[ Quote ]
| You can think of Windows XP as a house with a second floor built of
| spackle, wood filler and duct tape.


Microsoft Windows: Insecure by Design


Why Windows is a security nightmare.


The Structural Failures of Windows


Security Report: Windows vs Linux

,----[Executive summary ]
| Finally, we also include a brief overview of relevant conceptual
| differences between Windows and Linux, to offer an insight into why
| Windows tends to be more vulnerable to attacks at both server and desktop,
| and why Linux is inherently more secure


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