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[News] Open Source Satellite Images Tool (Gaia) Reborn with NASA Data

gaia-0.1.1 (AKA Open Source Google Earth)

,----[ Quote ]
| First release of `clean' version of gaia (NASA maps instead of Google
| Earth). All common bugs were fixed and build system improved.



gaia - opensource 3D interface to the planet

,----[ Quote ]
| Meet gaia, an attempt to reverse engineer famous Google Earth and
| implement its functionality in open, portable, customizable and
| extendable way.
| 25 November 2006, we've got the letter from Michael Jones, the
| Chief Technologist of Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Local
| search, requesting us to cease reverse engineering and improper
| usage of licensed data that Google Earth use. We understand and
| respect Google's position on the case, so we've removed all
| downloads from this page and we ask everybody who have ever
| downloaded gaia 0.1.0 and prior versions to delete all filesc
| oncerned with the project, which include source code, binary
| files and image cache (~/.gaia).
| The project may continue it's life as opensource 3D earth
| viewer with GPS support, but without support Google Earth
| imagery. We are sorry.


Version 1.5 of World Wind should also be available for Mac OS X and
GNU/Linux. It's Open Source.


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