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[News] Mandrake Founder Lets New Linux Project Debut

Ulteo - Taste a bit of freedom

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteo is the easiest system to use on computers. Ulteo is a new
| concept of an easy-to-use open-source operating system which could
| change the way we all use computers. 



Gaël Duval said MORE to Graham Morrison (LXF)

,----[ Quote ]
| Understandably, Duval is keeping his cards very close to his chest, but
| you can't fail to notice that in the screenshot he sent us, Ulteo is
| running inside a web browser. What's more, the screenshot also shows
| Duval creating a presentation on the 'Ulteo Connected Desktop'.


Discussion: http://beranger.org/index.php?article=1645

Interview: Gael Duval

,----[ Quote ]
| We base Ulteo on Ubuntu and Debian packages. Since April, we have developed
| a complete and automatic new builder which takes various sources, apply
| possible patches and puts all of that together to release an installable
| Linux system.
| The first alpha of Ulteo will actually have more in common with Kubuntu
| than with Ubuntu, but anyway we won't put only KDE packages in this
| version of Ulteo, which makes a first difference. 


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