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[News] Linux Journal Released; Intel Uses Linux; Open Source Momentum Accelerates

Linux Journal Contents #153, January 2007

This is rather technical


Core Microarchitecture Processor Line-Up Expands

,----[ Quote ]
| It runs Carrier Grade Linux* operating system and offers
| significant performance improvements for compute-intensive
| and database-access applications, including IP Multimedia
| Subsystems (IMS), wireless control plane and IPTV.


Adaptive Planning Express Edition 3.0 Released as Open Source Momentum

,----[ Quote ]
| Adaptive Planning Express Edition has become one of the top 50
| projects--out of 135,000--on SourceForge, the world?s largest open
| source software development web site. Additionally, Express Edition
| is #1 in both the Spreadsheets and OLAP categories, as well as in
| the top 10 in Accounting, Financial, and Enterprise categories. The
| project has produced over 6,000 downloads from 60 countries since
| inception.


Here's a very nice screenshot of Ubuntu Linux:


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