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[News] Windows Software Helps the Spies

E-Discovery May Target Unexpected Sources

,----[ Quote ]
| A particularly useful (from an investigator's perspective) option in
| Outlook is the "Journal" feature, which, if turned on logs activity
| associated with Microsoft Office applications including Outlook
| e-mail activity. The logs track when e-mails are viewed and for how
| long, including any activity involving attachments. This was very
| useful in a recent investigation when an interviewee denied that
| an attachment to a certain critical e-mail had been reviewed. While
| the interview was in progress, we were able to access the journal
| logs for the interviewee's mail file and sent the proof to the
| interviewers that not only had the interviewee opened the e-mail,
| but that the attachment had been opened for 6 minutes at 2:54 p.m.
| of the day in question.
| [...]
| In a recent case involving an executive at a prominent software
| firm, a PC was completely "wiped," and then the Linux operating
| system was installed. Use of sophisticated forensics analysis led
| to the conclusion that the installation of the Linux operating
| system took place after government subpoenas had been issued;
| these actions were identified and factored as evidence detrimental
| to the defendant in the case.


There were cases in the past where people/companies blamed Microsoft software
(Outlook) for losing mail, which, conveniently enough, they did want
revealed. What about all the /hidden/ information that's embedded in Office
files and has led to fiascos. At least with Open Source your privacy is
honoured and there are no secrets, either...



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