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Re: [News] Linux Users Apathetic, Windows Users Fearful Due to Vista

__/ [ Peter Köhlmann ] on Monday 04 December 2006 12:56 \__

> B Gruff wrote:
>> On Monday 04 December 2006 12:36 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Why I am afraid of Windows Vista
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | Dawn decided that Vista wasn't worth the upgrade if she didn?t even
>>> | get the pretty bells and whistles, besides, using a computer without
>>> | your mouse might be pretty annoying!
>>> `----
>>> http://www.philoking.com/2006/12/03/why-i-am-afraid-of-windows-vista/
>>> There's a recurring theme here (scare/fear)...
>> Oh indeed.
>> In fact, I keep bursting out laughing at some of the trolls in this group
>> who keep asking Linux users here "Why are you so afraid of Vista?"
>> It appears to me that Linux users are not afraid of it in the slightest,
>> but the more I read the more convinced I become that current Windows users
>> are increasingly starting to fear it.....
> As they rightfully should
> After all, *lots* of games will not run any more, several apps working fine
> on XP cease to function at all and high-end audio cards will work as cheap
> soundblaster clones at best or not at all

Not to mention security software...

Will Vista attacks come sooner or later?

,----[ Quote ]
| ...while Vista may be available to business users today, installing
| it and connecting a Vista PC to the Internet is not wise. Only one of
|                                                           ^^^^^^^^^^
| the top four security vendors--McAfee--has antivirus tools ready for
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| the new operating system. Microsoft itself advises users not to run
| Vista without antivirus software.



Sophos Claim: One-Third Of November's Malware Can Breach Vista 

,----[ Quote ]
| Although Vista's integrated e-mail client stopped all 10 pieces
| of malware that made November's list of most common threats, three
| bypassed Vista's built-in defenses when a third-party e-mail client
| was used. 


> Yup, thats progress. Keep people in the upgrade treadmill, with software
> *and* hardware

Or networking...

Cisco exec: Windows Vista is scary

,----[ Quote ]
| "Parts of Vista scare me," Gleichauf said at the Gartner Security Summit
| here on Monday. "Anything with that level of systems complexity will have
| new threats, as well as bringing new solutions. It's always a struggle
| in security, trying to build for what you don't know."


Best wishes,


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