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[News] Slashdot's Windows Privacy/Security Rants

Windows Live and Privacy

,----[ Quote ]
| It appeared to be an SUV, bristling with cameras mounted on the roof, 
| and pointing just about every possible direction. The first time we saw it, 
| all we could see was that it had a sign on the side, something about 
| Windows...
| ...I'm not sure I want my neighborhood viewable on the Web from
| ground level. And are they going to edit all the people out?
| I don't see how they could.


EveryDNS Under Botnet DDoS Attack: They never anticipated Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Kahn, Cerf, and the other developers of the Internet did a fantastic
| job of coming up with an extremely reliable, fault-tolerant system.
| The global scale of the Internet is in itself amazing, let alone
| the technological genius of it. Yet they likely never anticipated
| what we today refer to collectively as "Microsoft Windows". But whend
| ealing with very high-quality systems like VMS, Bell Labs/AT&T UNIX,
| BSD UNIX, CTSS and ITS, it's easy to see how they did not consider
| the extremely negative effect that shitty, easily-compromised
| operating systems like Windows could have.


Microsoft's reply: http://www.otosnede.com/

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